Our Career Development team recently visited with Johnstown 10th graders, and they took virtual reality tours of our campus. For those of us who remember View Finders, this is pretty mind blowing! 😊
1 day ago, C-TEC
VR headsets
Fiftieth Flashback Friday. Long time Newark residents may remember this from downtown, a while ago now. They were celebrating the local JVS. Do you know what is at this location now?
2 days ago, C-TEC
Sheraton sign
Our Cosmetology junior class. That program is rapidly expanding! #skillsmatter
4 days ago, C-TEC
COS juniors
What's this you ask. Just a normal day in our postsecondary Power Line program, that's all. #skillsmatter
5 days ago, C-TEC
PL misc.
PL misc.
PL misc.
We celebrated our annual Career Signing Day this month. Very proud of our 54 (more to come) Work Based Learning seniors who signed with their employers! #skillsmatter
6 days ago, C-TEC
WBL group
A key element of any program's success are the instructors. Here are some pics of our secondary and postsecondary Fire instructors hard at work, doing their thing! #skillsmatter
7 days ago, C-TEC
Fire instructors
Fire instructors
Flashback Friday post as we celebrate 50 years. Here is a pic from our postsecondary center (adult ed) from way back.
9 days ago, C-TEC
old AE pic
Our Criminal Justice juniors! #skillsmatter
10 days ago, C-TEC
CJ juniors
DECA students enrolled in our Entrepreneurship course at Granville High School have opened a school store featuring student-designed merchandise. Sounds like putting your lessons into practice. Very cool.
11 days ago, C-TEC
DECA school store
The Fire / EMT juniors. They got a busy two years ahead of them! #skillsmatter
12 days ago, C-TEC
FMS juniors
We remember. We mourn. We honor.
14 days ago, C-TEC
I bet there is a lot of creativity in this bunch. Our junior Digital Design & Interactive Media students. #skillsmatter
15 days ago, C-TEC
DDI juniors
Flashback Friday post. Here is a pic from a while ago. Much has changed. One thing remains the same, our commitment to helping folks achieve skills!
16 days ago, C-TEC
Old jvs pic
Check out the security detail in our Veterinary Science program. This is Leroy, and he will be watching out for us this year! #skillsmatter
17 days ago, C-TEC
Leroy the dog
Our Medical Assisting juniors. Looking forward to a great 2 years! #skillsmatter
18 days ago, C-TEC
Medical juniors
The Dental Assisting junior class. Bright smiles already! #skillsmatter
19 days ago, C-TEC
Dental juniors
Happy Labor Day!
21 days ago, C-TEC
Labor day
We enjoyed participating in STEM on the Square last Friday. Education, sunlight, excited & inquisitive kids...a good time. #skillsmatter
21 days ago, C-TEC
When your classroom is up in the air, you find that you focus real quick. So proud of our postsecondary Power Line program. We need the folks who do those jobs! #skillsmatter
22 days ago, C-TEC
Power Line student
C-TEC is celebrating its 50th year! We have been training the workforce central Ohio needs for a long time now. To celebrate, we will be posting weekly flashback pictures. Looking forward to 50 more! #skillsmatter
23 days ago, C-TEC
50th logo