The postsecondary Power Line program students show off their skills and their patriotism. Love it!
2 days ago, C-TEC
Power Line displays American flag
This young man was double checking and being precise before making the cut in our Electrical Trades lab this past year. Excited for the return of secondary students later this month! #skillsmatter #careertechohio
3 days ago, C-TEC
male electrical student
male electrical student cutting
She was happy to show off some of her recently acquired skills in our Postsecondary Licensed Massage Therapy program’s lab.
4 days ago, C-TEC
female LMT
"Soft" skills matter!
6 days ago, C-TEC
Soft Skills flyer
These fellas are figuring out the problem & learning & practicing their skills in a hands on manner in our postsecondary HVAC lab. Hot summers like this should make one appreciate students in this program! #skillsmatter
8 days ago, C-TEC
student working HVAC
student working HVAC
student working HVAC
We celebrated the retirement of Kathy Roderick this summer after 42 years at C-TEC and 47 years in education! Thank you, Kathy, for your many decades of making a difference in the lives of students! You will be missed!
12 days ago, C-TEC
group pic
We are getting an Anatomage Table! Click the pic for the awesome news.
14 days ago, C-TEC
Breaking news flyer
We're thrilled to announce the new app for C-TEC! It's everything C-TEC, in your pocket. Download for Android Download for iPhone
14 days ago, C-TEC
app flyer
This spring Andrea DeVito, an occupational therapist from LMH, guest instructed our Physical Therapy and Exercise Science program. Here she is teaching a student how to put on and take off his socks, as she would for a patient who just had hip surgery. We greatly appreciate our partners who help us craft meaningful experiences for our students.
17 days ago, C-TEC
student putting on socks
student putting on socks
student putting on socks
Teamwork, collaboration, many awesome things happening in this pic from our Robotics and Automated Manufacturing program. #skillsmatter #careertechohio
18 days ago, C-TEC
RAM students
Check out some pics from our secondary Fire program's live burns practice this past May. I was not doing things this awesome in May, I can assure you! This includes some thermal images as well. Cool (not literally) stuff! #skillsmatter
19 days ago, Brian Wilfong
Live burns
Live burns
live burns
live burns
Awesome. We can help!
20 days ago, C-TEC
ADP flyer
Enrolling now in our Postsecondary Center!
22 days ago, C-TEC
STNA enrolling
Our STEM Camp was a hit, and will be back next year! Here some of our campers are learning about health science careers in our Postsecondary Center. #skillsmatter #careertechohio #STEM
23 days ago, C-TEC
STEM Camp Family Feud
Boy looking in microscope
Hard at work, learning some cool things in the postsecondary Cyber Security program. #skillsmatter
24 days ago, C-TEC
student working on computer
Our Preschool is enrolling now for September.
25 days ago, C-TEC
Preschool flyer
Starting Aug. 1st. Two excellent programs in our Postsecondary Center. Still enrolling!
26 days ago, C-TEC
enroll now flyer
Happy Birthday, America!
about 1 month ago, C-TEC
July 4
Every month we offer this info option.
about 1 month ago, C-TEC
Our postsecondary Cybersecurity program is a great place to learn the latest in IT news.
about 1 month ago, C-TEC
Male student  looking off to the side