The HOSA State Conference was held recently. We had 3 students qualify for the national competition in Dallas, TX in June! Kara Smith and Makena Burtnett placed third in EMT and Savannah Thomas placed second in Medical Assisting. Congrats to all, and good luck at nationals!
1 day ago, C-TEC
We call this, "Moments in time in the Robotics & Automated Manufacturing Lab." What it really is are demonstrations of how much #skillsmatter
3 days ago, C-TEC
RAM students
RAM students
RAM students
The Licking County Humane Society has been bringing in two dogs every Wednesday for our students to practice restraint skills on bathing, nail trims, earing, cleaning, and brushing. Each week the students are assigned different jobs within a clinic setting. We love everything about this partnership!
4 days ago, C-TEC
Postsecondary STNA students hard at work practicing skills.
5 days ago, C-TEC
STNA students
Our Culinary Arts senior group. A happy bunch. #skillsmatter
6 days ago, C-TEC
Culinary seniors
Sometimes in our Automotive Technologies program you have to look for what is underneath. #skillsmatter
7 days ago, C-TEC
AUT looking under the hood
AUT looking under the car
Our Fire/EMT seniors. Proud of this bunch, working very hard as they charge towards graduation. #skillsmatter
9 days ago, C-TEC
FMS seniors
Our Culinary program's Libby Eldridge (Heath), Riley Gross (Newark), and Maddie Fulton (Licking Valley) show off their delicious lemon garlic lamb chops. We volunteer to taste test.
11 days ago, C-TEC
CA with lambchops
Citizen’s First Fire Training donated some rescue tools to our Fire/EMT program. These will be so beneficial to our students as they train and learn. It is greatly appreciated!
12 days ago, C-TEC
Fire donation
Senior Medical Assisting students have finished studying the digestive system. Thanks to our Culinary students who created a “digestion cake” for the end of the unit. #skillsmatter
13 days ago, C-TEC
MA seniors with cake
Congratulations to the Postsecondary Phlebotomy class on their 100% pass rate on the CPT credential! #skillsmatter
15 days ago, C-TEC
Phlebo class
They have been practicing nail trims in our Vet Science program. #skillsmatter #careertechohio
16 days ago, C-TEC
Nail trims
Instructor Shirley Crabtree lecturing to a group of postsecondary STNA students. #adultlearners #healthcare
17 days ago, C-TEC
STNA lecture
Our Digital Design and Interactive Media seniors. They are a pretty creative bunch. #skillsmatter
17 days ago, C-TEC
DDI seniors
A big thank you to everyone that came out for our recent Friends & Family night to help our Postsecondary Phlebotomy students get in their sticks! It was a packed, and very supportive, house! #skillsmatter
18 days ago, C-TEC
Plebo family
Plebo family
Electrical Trades juniors hard at work in the lab. Always on task whenever we visit this program! #skillsmatter
19 days ago, C-TEC
ELI juniors
ELI juniors
As part of an Operation Feed fundraiser our Fire/EMS students purchased Krispy Kreme for our Criminal Justice students. Public Safety has got each other’s backs.
20 days ago, C-TEC
students with doughnuts
Our Construction Technology seniors. So much demand for skills in this field in our area! #skillsmatter #careertechohio
20 days ago, C-TEC
CT seniors
Happy to host the Young Leaders of Licking County Pancakes with the President event last week. Great feedback on the leadership presentation from our Superintendent Joyce Malainy and Asst. Superintendent Stephanie Priestnal.
22 days ago, C-TEC
People eating
Lady talking
We are once again offering CPAT testing for some local fire departments. Here are the details. Register here:
23 days ago, C-TEC
CPAT sign up flyer