Automation & Electrical Control Systems Technician

Contact: Coordinator Roger Elliott 740-364-2299 or
This 900 hour program provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain an entry level automation and electrical controls position in the advanced manufacturing environment. Students learn and master entry level manufacturing skills such as lean systems and industrial safety, electrical control systems, robotic operations, and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). All training is conducted in our modern Advanced Manufacturing, CNC, and Multicraft Maintenance labs with  a combination of hands-on and theory instruction. The program also provides students the opportunity to participate in an 80 hour externship where they will apply their skills in a real-world setting.

The Automation & Electrical Control Systems Technician Program is 900 hours and  total cost is $10,202.00. Click here to see cost breakdown.

Automation & Electrical Control Systems Technician Syllabus

 Electrical Control Systems

 Robotic Operations

PLC Operations

Advanced PLC's

 Industrial Networking

Work-Based Learning Externship


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