Covestro story

We have a long history of customized training. Ohio’s TechCred initiative is just another example of successful business, educational and community partnerships.

Covestro is one of our many successful partnerships, and we are delighted to share this highlight with you.
The next round of applications for TechCred is currently open and will close on January 31st. Businesses can apply for TechCred at this link-

As one of Ohio’s leading career technical training centers, C-TEC has built strong partnerships with businesses and industries throughout Licking County and surrounding communities. Our programs can be quickly adapted to assure content meets the demands of employers. Customized training is delivered by industry experts and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Classes can be taught at your location or ours!

Here is what Covestro is saying!

Why is upskilling important to you as a company?
Upskilling is important to us here at Covestro because we pride ourselves in innovation and the ability to remain flexible in fluctuating and unpredictable environments. When an employee can further develop their skillset or to learn an entirely new skill, we all benefit because they are able to bring new insights and solutions to continuously improve our processes. In addition, the ability for employees to take on more challenging roles aids in employee retention.

How has TechCred helped with your workforce training needs?
It's no secret that these are unprecedented times for all industries. However, the state of the economy does not stop our employees from wanting to continue to learn and grow in their current roles, or to prepare themselves for their next one. Covestro is dedicated to ensuring that we take advantage of every opportunity that we can to make that possible. TechCred has given us the ability to provide quality educational experiences and skills that these employees will be able to carry into any role they desire.

What would you say to fellow manufacturers who are on the fence about training or utilizing TechCred funds to support their training?
One phrase that is used quite often at Covestro is "Why not?". The effort that you put into developing your employees to their fullest potential can only result in a positive return on your investment. The TechCred program is there to reimburse training funds to help with the development of your greatest assets -your employees; so why not take full advantage of such an opportunity?

How did C-TEC make this process easy for you?
When I first heard about TechCred, I was unaware of the sheer volume of courses and programs that qualify for reimbursement through the program. C-TEC helped us every step of the way from identifying those items that qualify for reimbursement, to the actual application process, and all the way to the end when it came time to receive our reimbursement funds. 
C-TEC continues to be a valued partner in the development of our employees and, in turn, the future of our organization.