Veterinary Science (VS)

C-TEC’s Veterinary Science Program prepares students for careers as veterinary assistants or will start them on the path to become registered veterinary technicians (RVT), or doctors of veterinary medicine (DVM). In this program, students will learn animal body systems, behavior, handling, husbandry, medicine, and surgery. Students will have the opportunity to assist professionals with treatment, procedures, and equipment. In addition, students will learn to maintain and interpret health records, as well as assisting with veterinary offices and hospital administration.

Program Specifics

Laboratory techniques involving Parasitology, Hematology, Microbiology, Cytology, Urinalysis, and Animal Restraint will be learned. Various species of animals will be available and utilized for demonstration purposes by students. Current information from veterinary journals, textbooks, and websites are incorporated into the curriculum.

Career Options

Registered Veterinary Technician/Technologist
Veterinary Technologist
Veterinary Assistant
Kennel Operator
Pet Shop Worker/Owner
Biological Research Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Animal Caretaker
Animal Trainer
Animal Groomer
Animal Control Officer
Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

vet and dog

Opportunities in the Senior Year

Advanced Job Placement
Early Placement