Email Access on Personal Mobile Devices

As of June 30th, 2022 Staff email is provided by Microsoft 365. Below are some links to resources for accessing email from a personal device. Note that any accounts configured prior to June 30th will need to be deleted from your device and re-added with the below instructions. You will only need a username and password to connect accounts, no other information is required (like server address, etc). The Outlook app is suggested, but the built-in Android (Gmail) and iOS (Mail) apps also support Microsoft 365, so those instructions are also provided. Certain Android manufacturers provide their own mail app, please see documentation for your own device if you are attempting to use an app not listed below.

Email Access on C-TEC Computers (Using Microsoft Outlook)

Your existing mail profile needs to be deleted before Outlook will reconnect to the new server. If you are not seeing emails past June 30th, follow the instructions below.