Physical Therapy & Exercise Science (PES)

Jump into the in-demand field of physical therapy and exercise science. The program includes the opportunity for accreditations/certifications in American Heart Association-Adult, Child, Infant CPR certification with AED; American Heart Association-First-Aid certification, and Certified Personal Trainer.
The curriculum includes exercise physiology; first aid and emergency procedures; fitness training; injury prevention; injury recognition and evaluation; sports psychology; therapeutic modalities; and research methods.

Program Specifics

The Physical Therapy and Exercise Science program is for the student who is interested in helping people prevent injuries or working with patients to help relieve their pain and increase their strength and mobility. (Minimum 2.0 GPA and Biology recommended.)

Career Options

Athletic Trainer Assistant
Fitness Trainer
Licensed Athletic Trainer
Personal Trainer
Strength Conditioning Specialist
Cardiac Rehabilitation Technician
Exercise Physiologist
Exercise Science Researcher
Orthopedic Surgeon

Opportunities In the Senior Year

Advanced Job Placement

Early Placement