Engineering and Computer Integrated Design (ECI)

Engineering & Computer Integrated Design at C-TEC focuses on:  3D Computer Aided Design, 3D Modeling, and 3D Printing, Computer Aided Engineering, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Laser Engraving, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, and Process Control & Quality Control.

Program Specifics

Students will emerge from Engineering and Computer Integrated Design with the foundational skills needed to succeed in post-secondary and work environments. ECID provides a pathway to a variety of engineering programs and other applied sciences with the understanding of mechanical / electrical engineering & design, electrical and mechanical systems, manufacturing operations, structural design, and electrical, plumbing HVAC design. Emphasis is placed on applied engineering and processes through the latest industry-standard computer design and analysis programs. ECID equips students with an understanding of the current capabilities, applications, limitations, and trends of the industry while engaging students with hands-on training in design methods and software to meet today’s industry related demands. 

Career options

Architectural Designer
Civil Engineering Designer
Industrial Draftsperson
Product Design Drafter
Surveying Technician
Structural Designer
Tool and Machine Design Drafter

Opportunities In the Senior Year

Advanced Job Placement

Early Placement