Diesel & Power Equipment Mechanics (DPM)

Gain the mechanical skills necessary to troubleshoot and repair small and large gasoline and diesel engines, as well as mechanical and electrical systems in power equipment. The ASE Education Foundation at the Truck Services Technology level certifies this program. The curriculum includes air conditioning systems, braking systems, drivetrain systems, gas and diesel engines, oxyacetylene torch and arc welding, electrical and electronic systems, steering and suspension, hydraulics, and preventative maintenance. An ASE Certified Master Medium/Heavy Duty Truck instructor teaches this program.

Program Specifics

The Diesel and Power Equipment Mechanics program prepares students to repair and maintain equipment. Students are successful when they have a mechanical mind and are good troubleshooters and problem-solvers.

Career Options

Diesel Mechanic
Hydraulic Specialist
Industrial Equipment Mechanic
Small Engine Specialist
Bus and Truck Mechanic
Recreational Vehicle Sales/Service
Lawn and Garden Tractor Sales
Service Person

Opportunities In the Senior Year

Advanced Job Placement

Early Placement