Advanced CNC Machining & Robotic Integration

Contact:  Noah Cooksey (740)364-2252 or

This program will prepare you for employment in the high demand field of CNC machining, robotics and automation industry. Students learn and master entry level manufacturing skills such as Manual machining, CNC machining, CAD-CAM, Precision measuring, Blueprint reading, Robotics and Automation. All training is conducted in our state of the art Advanced Manufacturing lab through a combination of Hands On and theory instruction. 

The Advanced Machining  & Robotic Integration Program consists of 900 hours and  total cost is $10,111
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May 13, 2024

Mon - Thurs   

 5-10 PM   


Advanced CNC  Machining Syllabus

Blueprint Reading
Basic Manual Machining
Advanced Manual Machining
CNC Operations
CNC Programming
Robotics and Automation

Individual classes listed above can be taken as  stand-alone components. Call for dates.