Teaching Professions at Licking Heights

Licking Heights students have the opportunity to take courses in the Teaching Professions (Education) Pathway.


Course offerings:  All courses will provide an opportunity for students to gain hands-on learning experiences in grades Pre-K – 12.

Education Principles

In this first course in the pathway, students will research the historical perspectives and theories of education used in the forming of their own personal educational philosophy. Students will assess legal, ethical and organizational issues. Additionally, students will assess developmental appropriate practices and identify challenging issues associated with teaching children with diverse needs. Career planning, professional guidelines and ethical practices will also be emphasized.

Child and Adolescent Development

Students will examine and apply the theoretical foundations of human growth and development to child and adolescents. Additionally, leaners will determine children’s learning styles; stages of social, emotional, cognitive and physical development; and needed accommodations in educational settings. Throughout the course, family and community engagement, cultural influences on learners and language growth and development will be emphasized.

Classroom Management

Students will apply developmentally appropriate techniques to advance learners’ social and emotional growth. They will create classroom environments to maximize the learning potential of each learner. Additionally, learners will create and enforce classroom rules, establish classroom routines and model self-discipline for learners. Conflict resolution, positive discipline and behavioral-modification techniques will be emphasized throughout the course.

Curriculum and Instruction for Teaching Professions

Students will develop age-appropriate learning experiences and curriculum to engage children and help them learn. They will determine curricular goals, create lesson plans, and employ grading and assessment strategies to measure targeted learning outcomes. In addition, students will develop online instruction using learning management system platforms.

Career Options

  • Elementary/Middle/High School Teacher
  • School Psychologist
  • Counselor
  • Day Care Center Teacher (Infant, Toddler, and Preschool age levels) 
  • Gifted Instruction
  • Preschool Assistant
  • Private Home Child Care Provider
  • Day Care Administrator / Owner
  • Speech / Language Therapist
  • Exceptional Needs Teacher