Engineering at Northridge

In this course of study (open only to Northridge students) students will use the Design Cycle to complete projects that creatively & analytically solve real world problems encountered by engineers, technicians and designers.
Doing this they will explore Design, Engineering and Robotics & Manufacturing processes and pathways.



Courses Offered:

1. Pre-Engineering Technology - Students will acquire knowledge and skills in problem solving, teamwork and innovation. Students explore STEM careers as they participate in a project-based learning process, designed to challenge and engage the natural curiosity and imagination of middle school students. Teams design and test their ideas using modeling, automation, robotics, mechanical and computer control systems, while exploring energy and the environment.

2. Robotics - Students will apply the knowledge and skills necessary to program and operate robots, using the teach pendant as the main interface point. Students will learn robotic operations and system configurations. Students will code, compile and debug programs using the robotic programming language.