Attention Juniors

Attention Juniors:

Welcome to C-TEC!  Once the school year gets started and you are feeling more confident in your setting, be sure to make time to speak with your counselor in order to go over credits and if you are short credits, attempt to work with your counselor as soon as possible to get registered for credit recovery so that it can be completed during your junior year.

As you look forward to your senior year, please make sure you are completing your requirements in terms of credits and community service hours (LVHS, LHHS, UHS, JOHS).

Credit recovery options are correspondence courses, credit flex or ACE Digital Learning Academy (ACE). Please see one of the counselors to get signed up.

Important Dates:

August-January: Begin college search and doing ACT prep.  Focus on strength of schedule and take additional history and science courses for the Diploma with Honors if needed. Plan on taking the ACT in the Spring.

February-March: Attend the Feb. 1st CCP meeting at C-TEC at 6:00 PM.  You must attend this informational meetings to be eligible to do CCP next year. 

March: Register for the ACT or SAT tests if the schools you are attending require these tests.  It is a good idea to take these tests in April or June of your junior year.  If necessary, you can retake them in the fall of your senior year. 

April-Fall of senior year: Begin college visitations while colleges are still in session. Juniors are entitled to 1 college visit day, so be sure to stop by the C-TEC counseling office to pick up your form at least 1 week prior to the visitation date.

June-September- Begin looking at websites for applications or send for applications for the colleges of interest. Begin applying to colleges and make sure your applications are submitted by December of your senior year.


College Reference Guide for Juniors


  • Research scholarships for high school seniors to see what is available and prepare a list of eligibility criteria that you need to work on in your junior year .


  • Join a new club or honor society at school Begin preparing for standardized tests


  • Start early! Search for scholarships now
  • Take PSAT


  • Start researching potential colleges and majors


  • Meet with your counselor to discuss PSAT scores and college plans


  • Continue researching college options


  • Search and apply for scholarships


  • Search and apply for more scholarships


  • Search for summer jobs, internships and volunteer experiences


  • Apply for summer jobs, internships and volunteer experiences


  • Make a list of colleges you would like to attend