Electrical Trades | ELI


Experience the assembly, installation, and operation of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical applications, as well as troubleshooting techniques. Curriculum includes: NJATC curriculum for first-year apprentices, OSHA and First Aid/CPR certification, introduction to basic welding & basic construction.

Career Options
  • Residential Electrician
  • Commercial Electrician
  • Industrial Electrician
  • Low Voltage Installer
  • Electrical Equipment Installer
  • Power Lineman
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Wholesale Worker
  • Electrical Distributor
  • Fiber Optics Technician
  • Telecommunications Installer

Program Specifics

While attending C-TEC in the Electrical Trades program students are prepared for an entry-level position in the electrical trades. Students will be exposed to several different types of electrical installations and troubleshooting methods for use in both commercial and residential wiring as well as a thorough knowledge of the use and application of the latest edition of the National Electrical Code. While in lab, safety is first and foremost and all applicable codes related to the electrical industry must be followed including lockout/tag out on all electrical equipment.

Electrical Trades is a college credit plus program and 11 college credits can be earned. Upon completion of the program the first year of apprenticeship is completed. A graduate from this program, with all test passage, goes straight into their second year of apprenticeship schooling. Upon graduation the students can be employed in several different aspects of the trade and are considered the best trained in central Ohio by the contractors who employ them. The job market is still very strong in our trade due to remodeling projects and the basic need for electrical installation.

Opportunities In the Senior Year

College Credit


Advanced Job Placement

Early Placement