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Where to learn more and how to start my GED?
• Go to to begin the GED testing process.  On this site you can register, schedule the test, pay for the test, get results of the test, etc. 

• GED test only available on computer. No paper test available.

• Four GED test subject areas can be scheduled on separate days, which we highly recommend, or all on the same day.

• Four content areas total 8 ¼ hours (timing as follows)
   1. Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA) (150 minutes

         including a ten minute break)
   2. Mathematical Reasoning (115 minutes)
   3. Science (90 minutes)
   4. Social Studies (75 minutes)

• Each of the four content areas has a passing required score of 145.

• Retakes are permitted for each content area if the student does not achieve the passing  score. They cost $10 per test section. Two retakes are permitted before a 60-day waiting  period must be observed, if necessary.

• Costs for the GED will be $120.00 total or $30.00 for each of the four (4) sections. If you are a first time GED test taker, you are able to receive a voucher for $80 to offset the costs of the test. If using a voucher, the GED costs $40.00 total out of pocket expenses or $10 per test section. Test fees are paid online with a credit/debit card at, not at the
testing center. For other GED testing questions contact Anne Bowman at (740) 364-2267 or [email protected]