Talent Management

C-TEC assists organizations of all sizes in developing and retaining the right talent for their business. By bringing in highly skilled and energetic facilitators, it allows your team to leave training with a sense of knowledge and increased buy-in. As an added bonus, you’ll find that employees feel they are valued, receive training hours, and insight from an expert.

Our facilitators have honed their approaches over many years working with organizations of all types. We will ask the tough questions and can be direct in challenging situations. 

We have a customized training rate of $150/hr. for one trainer with up to 14 trainees. If two trainers are needed, then the rate is $200/hr. up to 28 trainees.  These amounts are all inclusive of materials and labor.  The costs associated with this program are valid for training conducted at C-TEC or on-site* your choice.  There must be a minimum of six people to run the course. All training meets the strictest CDC COVID-19 guidelines! *(IRS mileage added at cost if on-site)


NOTE:  All sessions below encourage and are based on interactive, hands-on activities.  Pre-work is given and must be completed to ensure in session face time is used wisely.  In addition, C-TEC facilitators believe in building a culture of engagement, while inspiring others and guiding all program participants to achieve sustainable results for your team, and your organization once they return to the workforce.  To this end, C-TEC strongly adheres to “spaced methodology” when following up with participants to ensure that the learning “sticks” (2 weeks after the learning session ends and 30 days after the learning session ends).  Each participant is asked to set at least two written goals then share them with his/her immediate supervisor.  The session facilitator follows up after the training session (via email or in person) at the 2-week point and then in person or Zoom/phone at the 30-day point.  This is a VERY powerful reinforcement tool to break down the learning in smaller learning chunks!!  In addition, it is an exceptional return on your learning investment.

Workforce Development

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