Career Development

C-TEC’s Career Development System provides educational services to 11 school districts in Licking County. The goal of the program is to help Licking County students, parents, and educators learn about career pathways, career clusters, and educational and career options. Developing skills in decision making and goal setting, plus work habits and attitudes is a focus. These skills are developed through career awareness, exploration, and preparation activities including classroom integration activities.


K-6 Career Resources

 C-TEC’s K-12 Career Development System provides lesson plan samples to support the Career Advising Policy in Ohio.  The following K-12 teacher developed career-infused lesson plans connect to Career Development Key Topics and Ohio’s content standards.  The lessons also are created by teachers who are involved in the Licking County Summer Teacher Externship Program.
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C-TEC Resource Links

2017 Summer Camp Information

8th Grade Experience

Sophomore Hands-On

Junior and Senior Job/Career EXPO

Ohio Means Jobs K-12   (Online Planning tool)

Career Advising and Student Success Plan

Ohio Department of Education-Career Tech


Career Pathways Activities


Agriculture & Environmental 

Construction Technologies




Hospitality & Tourism

Law & Public Safety

Arts & Communications

Education & Training

Government & Public


Human Services


Transportation Systems

Business Administration

Engineering & Science

Health Science

Information Technology