1Applying To C-TEC

Selecting a program

Career Development is an ongoing process that begins in Kindergarten and continues beyond high school.  Using the Ohio Means Jobs K-12 online career system, students take assessments, establish academic and career goals and research career and post-secondary opportunities.  In the 8th grade, students visit C-TEC and are shown the career/technical programs offered during their junior and senior years of high school.  This is the first orientation to the benefits of participating in career/technical education.  Another experience is Sophomore Hands-On where students sign up to explore two programs they may be interested in applying to for their junior and senior years of high school.  There is also an Open House in September where sophomores and their parents are invited to see the school and meet the instructors at C-TEC.  Evenings of Exploration are also scheduled in the fall and winter to help answer any questions parents and students may have regarding career/technical education.

What are the academic requirements needed to be a student at C-TEC?

Students need to have completed the following courses as a minimum to be considered for a program at C-TEC.

English – 2 credits

Social Studies – 2 credits

Math – 2 credits (Including Algebra 1)

Science – 2 credits

Physical Education – 1/2 credit

Health – 1/2 credit

C-TEC Pre-Application Requirements. While a student at C-TEC academic courses are scheduled to fulfill graduation requirements.  Students receive a diploma from their high school and a certificate of completion from C-TEC.


  1. Pick up a C-TEC application from their high school counselors at the beginning of December after the Sophomore Hands-On program.
  2. Students need to complete and sign the application along with securing the signature of their parent/guardian.  It is recommended that the student answers all questions thoroughly as there are students from 11 school districts applying to programs at C-TEC.
  3. It is recommended that students select up to three program choices to be considered for acceptance.
  4. The completed application needs to be returned to the high school counselor.  A teacher and counselor need to be identified by the student and those completed recommendations will be added to the application along with a current school transcript by the school counselor.  A background check release may also be needed depending on the program choice.


  1. All applications are received by the first Friday in February.
  2. Applicants are reviewed to make sure students are eligible academically.  Students who don’t meet the Standard Application Requirements may be considered when those requirements are met or when a plan is in place.  Courses taken, grades received, attendance, and discipline are all considered in the initial review.
  3. Applications are organized by choice and reviewed.  If a background check is required, results from the Juvenile Court system are reviewed.  An interview may also be part of the application process.  Applying Sophomore students are given top priority in the review process.  Any juniors and seniors applying to programs at C-TEC are reviewed in late July.
  4. The top 24-26 students are selected for admission to each program.
    Students are sent home a letter during Spring Break either stating acceptance to a program or that their application is still in the process of review.  High school counselors are given a list of accepted students during Spring Break. Orientation is planned for the spring each year.  Program information is distributed and time is made available for students and parents to visit labs and talk with current students and instructors.
  5. Registration is scheduled in August each year.  At this time, all forms are completed by students and parents and turned in so that the first week of school is a smooth transition.  Student pictures are taken for Student IDs and program fees are paid or a payment plan is created at this time too.